Secrets of Spiritual Love: Marianne Williamson Video

SpiritualLove Secrets of Spiritual Love: Marianne Williamson Video

Healing Relationships Through Spiritual Love

What Is Spiritual Love?

Spiritual Love as described by Marianne Williamson in this video from the Secrets of Love Video Series, has the power to heal all of our relationships.  The secret of Spiritual Love is aligning yourself with your “Primary Relationship”, which Marianne Williamson says is with God (feel free to insert the higher power of your choice if God does not fit with your personal beliefs).

Aligning Yourself With Your Primary Relationship

When we are perfectly aligned with our Primary Relationship, we become whole and complete.  We are then able to go out into the world and seek other whole and complete beings, not from a place of need, but rather desire.  However, when we are out of alignment with our primary relationship, we tend to feel incomplete and tend to look for others that have what we perceive to be lacking in ourselves.

Most people who have had much experience in relationships, and experienced time and time again how this approach simply doesn’t work.

Watch and enjoy the video below, as Marianne Williamson talks about how to use the power of Spiritual Love to heal all of your relationships.  Also be sure to share your comments below.


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