Experiencing True Intimacy: Greg Baer Video

Are you experiencing true intimacy in your relationship?  Watch the video below and discover one of the secrets to experiencing intimacy from relationship expert Dr Greg Baer.

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Sacred Sex: Daphne Kingma Video

Sacred Sex

The energy of Sacred Sex is the energy of creativity, as Daphne Kingma expresses in this video.  It is an energy that lifts us and takes us far beyond the ordinary in our lives.  It is for this reason that we are so drawn to it and drawn to the experience of it.

Reintegrating the sacredness of sex into our relationships as one of the ways we express real love in our lives is certainly a worthy and pleasurable pursuit.

Enjoy watching and listening to Daphne Kingma’s video on Sacred Sex, and after you do, we welcome your comments below.


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Attracting Your Soulmate: Kathryn Alice Video

attractingyoursoulmate Attracting Your Soulmate: Kathryn Alice Video

Attracting Your Soul Mate

When it comes to attracting your Soulmate, it can only happen at one level.  As Kathryn Alice explains in this video from the Secrets of Love Series, there are many levels of human attraction, however, only one level will lead us to the discovery of our Soulmates.

Too many people settle for relationships of convenience, for relationships that seem to make sense, or relationships that are only based on physical attraction or chemistry.

Soulmate love as Kathryn Alice describes in this video is not about settling or making compromises, which is what often occurs when connecting at a human level.  It is about connecting at a higher level which can also include the physical level, while also encompassing so many other levels that lead to true fulfillment in a relationship.

Watch and enjoy the video below, and after you watch it be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think and share this video with others.

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Communicating In Relationships: Why You Never Get What You Want By Blaming The Other Person

CommunicatingInRelationships1 Communicating In Relationships: Why You Never Get What You Want By Blaming The Other Person

Pointing Fingers Never Works

Why is it that when it comes to communicating in relationships, it seems so clear that if the other person would simply change their behavior, everything would be all right?  Why are they so blind to what they are doing “wrong”, and causing us to become upset?

If you have wondered these or similar questions about the person you are in a relationship with, this video with Aaidil Palkhivala is a must see.  He makes it clear that when we point a finger at the other person, we have three fingers (from our own hand) pointing back at us.

That is a clear indication (at least to me) that the place to begin is not with the other person but with me.  The most powerful and profound change I can have on the other person and the relationship comes when I am able to change the way I am inside of myself when my partner exhibits behviour that I may not care for.

Watch and enjoy this video with Aadil Palkhivala, I think it will change the way you look at communicating in relationships for the better.  After you view the video, I would love to receive your feedback and comments below, as well as to have you share this video with others.

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Secrets of Spiritual Love: Marianne Williamson Video

SpiritualLove Secrets of Spiritual Love: Marianne Williamson Video

Healing Relationships Through Spiritual Love

What Is Spiritual Love?

Spiritual Love as described by Marianne Williamson in this video from the Secrets of Love Video Series, has the power to heal all of our relationships.  The secret of Spiritual Love is aligning yourself with your “Primary Relationship”, which Marianne Williamson says is with God (feel free to insert the higher power of your choice if God does not fit with your personal beliefs).

Aligning Yourself With Your Primary Relationship

When we are perfectly aligned with our Primary Relationship, we become whole and complete.  We are then able to go out into the world and seek other whole and complete beings, not from a place of need, but rather desire.  However, when we are out of alignment with our primary relationship, we tend to feel incomplete and tend to look for others that have what we perceive to be lacking in ourselves.

Most people who have had much experience in relationships, and experienced time and time again how this approach simply doesn’t work.

Watch and enjoy the video below, as Marianne Williamson talks about how to use the power of Spiritual Love to heal all of your relationships.  Also be sure to share your comments below.


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