Attracting Your Soulmate: Kathryn Alice Video

attractingyoursoulmate Attracting Your Soulmate: Kathryn Alice Video

Attracting Your Soul Mate

When it comes to attracting your Soulmate, it can only happen at one level.  As Kathryn Alice explains in this video from the Secrets of Love Series, there are many levels of human attraction, however, only one level will lead us to the discovery of our Soulmates.

Too many people settle for relationships of convenience, for relationships that seem to make sense, or relationships that are only based on physical attraction or chemistry.

Soulmate love as Kathryn Alice describes in this video is not about settling or making compromises, which is what often occurs when connecting at a human level.  It is about connecting at a higher level which can also include the physical level, while also encompassing so many other levels that lead to true fulfillment in a relationship.

Watch and enjoy the video below, and after you watch it be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think and share this video with others.

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