The Secrets of Love Documentary

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Bill Wade: Secrets of Love Producer

The ‘heart child’ of independent filmmaker and video journalist Bill Wade, Secrets of love is the fascinating, sometimes funny, and always instructive dialogues that are are the remarkable result of his inquiries over more than four years.  Working with more than 70 people on both coasts, a writer in Paris, production crews in three states, software engineers to make the App, and editors in Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco, the various forms of the project have been created.  Bill says, “The satisfaction of the years of effort comes when I hear people talking about their experience after watching the program, opening to new understanding about relationships and seeing how they can experience love in new ways, things like that.”

A native of Southern California, Bill Wade began his career in the visual arts at the age of seven when he bought his first Kodak camera. As a teenager he won recognition from Kodak Intl. that spurred him on to professional photography work. From that first camera his favorite subject became beauty.  ”Whether in Nature’s wonders or the face of a woman, beauty is always alluring to my camera. Finding beauty was easy but finding lasting love was a different story. Finding what I  t-h-o-u-g-h-t was love was easy but as things got real and challenges arose as they do in every relationship that lasts, I was faced with the awareness that I had never been taught about the right things to say or what to do in difficult moments that define the success or failure of a relationship.  The other area where I realized I had no parental guidance was in how to choose an appropriate partner for the journey of a relationship. This is the first place we usually go wrong. In my 20′s, 30′s, and even early 40′s I had a very cavalier attitude that resulted in some painful lessons. Today we live in a media saturated culture pushing hyper-consumer values that would have us buy the latest car or newest fashion for happiness instead of spending time appreciating and relating to another human in some way that can enrich life immeasurably. Mass media needs a correction from perpetrating the false ideals that may have been setting us up to fail in relationships, witness the divorce rate in our country that is multiples higher than in many parts of the world.  Is it any surprise to see younger people abandoning commercial laden TV in favor of the internet, thus avoiding the ‘force feeding’ of some of the shallow values? For me the pursuit of my career was first priority as with many American males. Climbing the ladder in the broadcasting world to the network level was my focus. Eventually I began changing priorities and working to reprogram myself away from being in the group that casually discarded relationships in ways that caused intense suffering in others. I became aware of the many other men and women of all ages lacking guidance in this critically important area of our lives,  making it more important to share these experts words and wisdom with everyone. “If it helps someone figure out what’s really important in this fast paced life we lead, that’s what matters.” 

After internships at ABC and NBC affiliates Bill began producing and directing a consumer legal affairs program in San Diego followed by WEEKEND MAGAZINE in Nashville. He also produced NO GUTS NO GLORY  featuring then Superbowl quarterback Jim McMahon. AMERICAN PHOTO was a joint venture he created and executive produced with international publishing conglomerate Hachette. He also created the concept for EXTREME EXPOSURES, a long running photography series on National Geographic TV. 

In the process of producing and directing SECRETS OF LOVE, Bill says, “The synchronous events that have happened on this long journey makes it clear that there are forces larger than me at work behind the scenes.”  He says there’s been repeated indications of the hand of God working through those individuals participating in the equity funding for the production budget, even during the economic downturn in 2009-2010. (Google ‘synchronicity’ and ‘unified field of consciousness’ for more)